The Whitetail Warrior Project is a non-profit 501(c) 3 Organization:

  1. No salaries are paid to our Board, Volunteers, or anyone else associated with the WWP
  2. No companies will ever be used for fundraising
  3. All of our support to include our Board members are strictly on a volunteer basis

You can support the Whitetail Warrior Project by:

  1. Making a one-time ore monthly financial donation or sponsorship commitment through our secured “Donations” and/or “Sponsorship” pages.
  2. Mail a donation, please see Donations Link.
  3. Post the Whitetail Warrior Project image and link to your business/company page.

What the Whitetail Warrior Project needs:

  1. Any individual, business, or organization that will help support this great organization with a one-time or recurring financial or product donation.
  2. Land donations for excursions.
  3. Ammo donations for hunts and fun shoots.
  4. Hosts/guides for hunts and other excursions.
  5. Product donations for fundraisers such as raffles (i.e. weapons or other outdoor products).
  6. Dedicated monthly donors.
  7. Loans of outdoor/hunting/fishing equipment to assist in executing our mission.
  8. Care packages, or items to build care packages, for our Warriors while they attend our excursions (outdoor ear, hunting equipment, fishing equipment, shooting equipment…).